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Roll 4 It Dice, a subsidiary of Lab Arc LLC, is your place for lucky polyhedral dice for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, GURPS, and other RPG games.

Roll 4 It Dice are available in a variety of colors and denominations from d4 to d20 as well as specialty dice, and we are always expanding our line to include new and interesting dice and other items from all over!

We still want more dice. And we know you do too.

All dice currently in stock are photographed and added to our site so you can get a good close look at what you're buying. We also offer pre-constructed sets that include handmade charms and adornments of our own devising, perfect for the roleplayer who needs a lucky charm (or a little something extra) when purchasing a set, and issue our sets with a large mesh see-through bag that lets you easily see and find the die you're looking for, while being spacious enough to accommodate up to 25 dice in total.

Check out our dice sets and choose among the popular pre-made sets that got us started, or look through our Build Your Own section to choose the exact dice you want shipped to your door. Our dice are currently in a number of stores across the country, so don't be shy - Roll 4 It!*

Roll 4 It Dice welcomes Enter the Realm!

Our aluminum war-gamer dice and specialty dice are now appearing at Enter The Realm in Springfield, PA!

Roll 4 It Dice at Free Comic Book Day in Hamilton Mall!

Roll 4 It Dice will be vending at the Free Comic Book Day event at Hamilton Mall! In addition to dice of all types, we will also be selling a variety of fandom jewelry, toys, and accessories, and operating a cosplay repair station for those emergency fix-it needs. Be sure to stop by and say hello!






* Note: Haggle checks must be accompanied by a quantity request-for-quotation. Taking 20 on negotiations is not an option, but we're interested to hear what you want to see, so if you want a particular type of die that isn't on our virtual shelves yet, let us know and we'll do our best to make it available to you at a reasonable price!