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Roll 4 It Dice

10-Pack of Dice Brick Boxes

10-Pack of Dice Brick Boxes

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Calling All Heroes

Every successful dungeon delver has a lucky set of dice to get them through difficult, harrowing situations in a session. Performing a slight of hand check to wiggle the keys from the belt loop of a jailor. Making a saving throw for a not-so-stealthy rogue companion. Persuading a barkeep to discount the drinks your barbarian just promised the entire tavern. Use them sparingly or you just might lose that magic. When they're not in use, treat them like precious jewels and display them for all to see!

Store and display your favorite dice, miniatures, and game components with this 10-pack of clear acrylic dice boxes from Wiz Dice! Flaunt your legendary dice treatments, detailed 28mm minis, or store bits and pieces from your favorite TTRPGs inside. It's up to you, adventurer!

Standard Size Dice Boxes

Each empty dice box measures a standard size 1 7/16" x 2 3/4" a size most commonly used by dice collectors, hobbyists, and for creating dice sets for retail shops. Great for holding a full 7-piece set of polyhedral dice or up to (16) standard 16mm d6 dice at a time.

Safely store your 28mm or smaller minis for next session or retire memorable characters for display. You may even use these for mini dice, small chips, coins, board game bits, tokens, game components, and collectibles.

Why You'll Love It

Place your luckiest, loveliest or sparkliest polyhedrals and painted minis on your work desk or a shelf in a game room, man cave or game shop. Great for tabletop games, roleplaying games, and more. Suitable for dungeon delvers, pathfinders, and dragon slayers alike.
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