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15L Dri-Tech Waterproof Beach Tote Dry Bag

15L Dri-Tech Waterproof Beach Tote Dry Bag

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Dri-Tech Beach Tote Dry Bag

Keep your gear safe at the beach with a Dri-Tech dry beach tote! It has all the features of the Dri-Tech dry bags and adds the convenience of a beach tote. Our dry beach tote is 18" x 13" and has a 15L volume; perfect for outdoor fun and lazy days. It'll keep the waves and sand away from wallets, phones, keys, jewelry, seashells, and snacks. Trying to keep your wet bathing suits and towels away from dry materials? Simply put the wet items into the bag and you'll keep everything else perfectly dry. You'll be surprised at how many things you can fit in the bag. It's an essential for any day at the beach, at the pool, in a fishing boat, or a day trip to a lake for swimming!

Dri-Tech beach totes are waterproof, with a 66 Ingress Protection Level. It's able to withstand splashing waves, falling drops of rain, and drink spills. It even floats in water, just make sure you don't leave it in water for extended periods of time.

Why You'll Love It:

These totes can be taken anywhere from the beach to the grocery store. They work well on camping, hiking, and fishing trips. Their 15-liter volume gives you plenty of space to put personal belongings inside. You'll find an extra storage pocket on the front and inside of the bag, perfect size to hold a phone or wallet. This tote works just like a standard dry bag. Open the tote, pull the black part out, fill the bag with items, close the top, and roll it down 2-3 times. Then place the tote over your shoulder or carry it by the straps!

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