Behind Blue Eyes: 7 Die Polyhedral Liquid Core Dice Set with Clear Numbers (Preorder)

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This seven-piece dice set for Dungeons and Dragons includes the classic d4, d6, d8, d10, d00, d12, and d20. These dice are awesome in RPG and tabletop games like Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons (any edition), Dragon Age, Castles and Crusades, Hackmaster, Frostgrave, and Savage Worlds. Fantastic for art components, gifts, family game nights, wargaming, or just for some fun. Warning: Choking Hazard - Small Parts.

This set is part of our Liquid Core series, and contains a blue eye (which in the d4 looks triangular due to internal limitations). We are accepting preorders for blue eyes now, and other colors later.